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Our award winning attorneys fight to ensure that auto manufacturers abide by the promises made in their warranties -- and to enforce California’s Lemon Law, which states that auto manufacturers have an affirmative duty to repurchase or replace defective vehicles.

You’ll pay $0, because California’s Lemon Law means the manufacturer pays us, not you.

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Hiring Regal Law Firm is the best way to ensure you get maximum value for your lemon law case, including: a full refund, a replacement car, or a substantial cash settlement.

In addition to a refund, replacement, or settlement, incidental damages and civil penalties may also be owed. Consult our attorneys to learn more.


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The manufacturer, NOT YOU!

Results vary and may range from a full refund, to a replacement car, or a substantial cash settlement.

Moreover, the manufacturer must reimburse all incidental damages, such as repair, towing and rental car costs, that you suffered as a result of the car defects. And if the manufacturer willfully violated the Lemon Law, you can recover civil penalties, which can equal any amount up to a maximum of twice the price of your vehicle.

Yes, as long as it came with an express/written warranty.

Typically within 4 years from when you first experienced problems with your vehicle – or from the date the warranty expired – whichever comes first.

In California, there is a rebuttable presumption that your vehicle is a lemon if one of the following are true in the first 18 months or first 18,000 miles:
– The vehicle is repaired at least two times for a serious safety defect that can cause serious bodily injury or death; or

– The vehicle is repaired at least four times for the same non-substantial safety defect; or

– The vehicle is out of service for a total of more than 30 days for any combination of defects.

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